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Meet YAHshua


Awake, hear the sound of His horn -
His coming is soon!!! 
Shema Israel Messiah is on His way -
Listen for His Shofar 

Baruch ata Adonai, Elohaynu Melech ha'olam asher kidshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu lishmo'ah kol shofar.
Blessed are You O L-rd, Our G-d and King of the Universe, who has made us holy with mitzvot and has instructed us to hear the call of the shofar. Tof the Shofar are as follows:
Aleph. Tekiah: lit. "blast" one long blast with a very clean consistent tone. With a long blast did the Aleph, the Divine One throw open the gate to the Genesis.
Bet. Shevarim: lit. "broken sound" three short calls together as long as tekiah. With a Bet does the Shofar cry out for the destruction of its Holy Temples.
Gimel. Teruah: lit. "alarm" a rapid series of very short notes generally three series of three that together total one tekiah. With the Gimel we see HaShem lifting up His people as the teruah sounds the alarm, ‘return to Me I will hid thee.’
Dalet. Tekiah Gedolah: lit "the great tekiah" a single blast that is held as long as you can hold it. With the Dalet - the gate or door is shut, and the people of HaShem are safe in Him. Messiah YAHshua is that Door!

"Shema Yisrael"

Hear, O Israel, the Lord is One.

Blessed is the name of His glorious kingdom Forever and ever. And you shall love the Lord your God,  With all your heart, with allyour soul, and with all your possessions. And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart And you shall teach them to your children And speak of them when you sit in your home, When you walk up the way, When you lie down and when you rise up. And you shall bind them for a sign upon your hand And they shall be Tefillin between your eyes And you shall write them On the doorposts of  your home And upon your gates

Shema Yisrael, Ado-nai Elo-heinu, Ado-nai Echad. Baruch sheim kavod mal-chuso li-olam va-ed Vi-ahav-ta ase Ado-noi Elo-hecha Bi-chol li-vav-cha oo-vi-chol naf-shecha oo-vi-chol mi-odecha Vi-hayoo had-varim ha-ele Asher ano-chi mi-tzvaecha ha-yomal li-vavecha Vi-shee-nantam li-vanecha vi-dee-barta bam Bi-sheev-techa bi-vey-techa oo-vi-lech-techa va-derech Oo-vi-shach-bicha oo-vi-koo-mecha Ook-shartam li-ose al ya-decha Vi-hayoo li-to-ta-fose bain ai-necha Ooch-sav-tam al mi-zoo-zose bai-secha oo-vee-sharecha

How Can I Receive the Messiah Into My Heart and Life?

The G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob created you to have a personal relationship with Himself and to enjoy His abundant life! In Proverbs 16:4 [it is written in the Jewish Bible] "The Lord has made all things for His purpose [His own pleasure]." In Psalm 16:11 it is written, "...At Thy right hand there are pleasures for ever more."Sin (the transgression or breaking of G-d's law) separates you from a personal relationship with G-d and His abundant life. Sin also causes spiritual death! In Isaiah 59:2a it is written, "But your iniquities [your sins] have separated between you and your G-d." Man was created to have fellowship with G-d, but stubbornly chose to go his own independent way. This self-will (expressed by either active rebellion or passive indifference toward G-d) is what the Bible calls "sin." Sin separates you from G-d and causes spiritual death, guilt, lack of peace, frustration, etc. In Ezekiel (Yechezekel) 18:4 it is written, "...the soul that sinneth, it shall die [spiritual death]." In First Kings (Melachim) 8:46 it is written, "...for there is no man that sinneth not."

You cannot remove sin by your own human efforts. In Isaiah 64:5 it is written, "...all our righteousness [our self-righteousness] are as filthy rags...." In Proverbs 14:12 it is written, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death [spiritual separation from G-d]." Man's plan is to remove his own sin by his own self-righteousness (i.e., to outweigh his bad deeds by his "good" deeds, such as religious "works," human philosophies, etc.). Man's self-righteousness is a 'filthy garment" in the sight of a holy G-d.

Sin can be removed by faith (emunah, believing what G-d says). Righteousness (right standing with G-d) comes by faith. In Genesis (Bereishit) 15:6 it is written, "And he [Abraham] believed [had faith] in the L-rd; and He counted it [Abraham's faith] to him for righteousness." Faith must be placed in the blood atonement. Atonement means a "covering" for sin. In Leviticus (Vayikra) 17:11 it is written, "...for it is the blood that maketh an atonement [covering] for the soul."

G-d has provided the blood of atonement today through a perfect sacrifice: The One who is known as the Messiah. Messiah means "anointed" one. In Isaiah 53:5 it is written, "But He was wounded for our transgressions [rebellions], He was bruised for our iniquities [moral evils]: The chastisement [punishment] of our peace [welfare] was upon Him; and with His stripes [wounds, blood] we were healed [atoned for]." In Abel we see atonement for a man as it is written in Genesis (Bereishit) 4:4, "And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock...." During Passover, we saw an atonement for a family as it is written in Exodus [Shemot] 12:13, "...when I see the blood, I will pass over you...." During Yom Kippur, we see atonement for a nation, as it is written in Leviticus 16:30a, "For on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you." The Messiah brings atonement for all who believe, as it is written in Isaiah 53:6. "But the Lord has caused the iniquity [the sins] of us all to fall [to focus] on Him."

How can you know the Messiah YAHshua? You must ask the Messiah YAHshua into your heart and life in order to have the blood of atonement, to have a personal relationship with G-d, and to enjoy His abundant life (the Messiah will not force His way into your life; He desires to be invited). In Joel 3:5 it is written, "...Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered [saved]...."

If you are desiring to ask the Messiah YAHshua into your heart and life, you may do so by following these simple steps. Pray to G-d in your own words (prayer is just talking to G-d).  Confess that you have sinned against G-d and that you are truly sorry for it.
Ask the Messiah YAHshua into your heart and life to cleanse you with His blood of atonement.  Thank Him by faith for doing this!
The following is a sample prayer which you might pray.

"Dear G-d, I confess that I have greatly sinned against You and I'm sorry for it. Messiah YAHshua, please come into my heart and life and cleanse me with Your blood of atonement. Thank You for doing this according to Your Word."
If you have prayed this prayer and mean it, G-d has promised you many wonderful things, including the following:

Your sins are atoned for (covered, forgiven) (Isaiah 53:6.)
You receive righteousness (right-standing with G-d) by faith (Genesis 15:6; Habakkuk 2:4).
You enter into a personal relationship with G-d and you become a child of G-d (Jeremiah 31:32).
You receive eternal life (Joel 3:5; Daniel 12:2).
G-d's Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) enters your life! (Ezekiel 11:19; Zechariah 12:10)

If you have made a decision to accept the Messiah into your life and you are Jewish, congratulations! Continue to be Jewish and please try to find a local Messianic synagogue to attend, for you have just became a completed Jew. If you are non-Jewish and have made a decision to accept the Messiah YAHshua into your life, please find a local Bible-believing church to attend or a Messianic synagogue. Regardless of whether you are Jewish or non-Jewish, if you have made a decision to accept the Messiah YAHshua into your life, I would like to hear from you